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The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross

Elizabeth LassiterComment

Easter books are such a great way to re-introduce children to the gospel every year. There are plenty of books about bunnies and Easter eggs (and those are fine) but what I really want to enrich my children with are stories that are filled with the love of Jesus on every single page.  We don't want to buy every Easter book that are "Christian", but rather books that teach sound theology and truth. 

Last year I happened across this amazingly beautiful book, The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross by Carl Laferton.  The illustrations by Catalina Echeverri seem to pop off the page with their bright colors and abstract characters.  

But even better than the presentation of the book itself, is the content that beautifully presents the gospel message.  God made a beautiful world, he created people to dwell in this perfect creation, the people sinned and therefore the world is not what it should be, it's broken.  And when things are broken, someone must put them back to together.  Jesus came to fix the brokenness.  This story describes the importance of why Jesus came, how he made a way for us to be restored to God the Father, and the promise of eternal life with him.  Nothing is more awesome than that!

There is also now a companion coloring and activity book.  I am planning to order a copy for myself this week but it looks amazing!  Enjoy sharing the story of redemption with your family this Easter season and point those little hearts towards Jesus!